Bird's Of A Feather

by John Reidy

About This Film

"Birds of a Feather" revolves around a loose gang's criminal activity. The central character, "Ace", is the Mastermind behind the "Gang". When Ace shows up the Gang listens. He's not around much because when he's in danger of being caught, he hides out in a psychiatric hospital as a patient. This is where he gets his idea for "The Big Heist". Ace returns to his old haunts with his new scheme. He will use three of his most trusted men and two new recruits to help pull it off. The men know it will be the biggest job of their lives and that they all will be rich. But, Ace has a plan. He knows by the lifestyle of the men, that they will not be around to collect on this one. "Sal" is Ace's most trusted man, a shirt off his back kind of guy, who is just a little too promiscuous for his own good and he pays the price for it. Then there's "Tommy", a professional carjacker who doesn't trust anybody. "Johnny" is the last of the regulars, a wacko small time drug dealing prankster, who is just too hyper for his own good. The recruits are "Chet" the electronic wiz, little league baseball coach, and "Spider", the climber. "Birds of a Feather" is a riveting story with in your face action, it also deals with the dilemmas of disease, racism, carjacking, drug dealing. It covers the gamut of contemporary issues while propelling the players toward their one final quest of manipulation and greed.

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